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welcome to jumperpool.com
   from 1998-2010, jumperpool.com offered visitors the option to guess when the next person stepped off the bridge and into the afterlife. as the site became more focused on jumper stories, prevention, and information, the jumper pool guessing feature was discontinued in 2011, when jumperpool.com became skywaybridge.com. all the same content, just no more guesswork.
   since then, we have been hounded into bringing the jumperpool back to life. finally, in 2015, the hopes and dreams of maybe nine people were finally realized. that and the ever increasing onslaught of politically correctness drives us to shove this website right up the, well, you get the idea.
enter the pool
   jump on in, the water's fine. input your guess as to when the next troubled soul bungee jumps off the bridge without the bungee. winners will be listed as they happen, on a page yet to be realized, with links to skywaybridge.com for the news and stories of the event.
your last name and e-mail address will never be put on this site.
your first name, last initial, city/state, and comments may be put on this site.
winners must guess within 24 hours either way of the jump.
do not help people "volunteer" to jump, in order to win¹ this pool.
if you have jumper news to report, let us know.

you may leave any input field blank, if you wish.
* references to anyone's lighter shade of hair coloring, be they male or female, implying some degree of mental instability,
   an intellectual impairment, and/or a reduced capacity for thinking, is unintentional and strictly for humorous purposes only.
 ¹ winners will receive a whole bunch of nothing. 
 note: historically, guessers seem to prefer pancakes.
report a jumpermake a guessfeel suicidal?
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