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updated: 11.26.17
   random comments left by the visitors to this site. we always welcome your random, vague, and often way off topic commentation.
11.26.17, TracyAnn, Clearwater, (guesses 12.02.17, 2:00pm, male, no hotline phones, hit water, dies, body found the same day), You posted that you reopened this on FB, yay! (that's not exactly what was said, but we'll post this and keep track anyway.)

02.21.17, Kisa M., St.Pete, FL (for now), Good to see they re-opened the pool :) Welcome back! (it's been sitting here for awhile now, like dead grandma in the attic that no one goes to visit.)

07.14.15, Jessica, Plant City, FL., Bout time my FAVORITE feature came back! Oh how I've missed you Jumperpool!
report a jumpermake a guessfeel suicidal?
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